Title & Lien Searches

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is an insured statement of the condition of title or ownership of real property. When you’re in the process of buying a home, a title company will check the property’s ownership history. Ideally, your new home has what’s called a “clear title,” meaning the current owner has complete ownership of the property, without any legal claims against it. Claims can be in the form of a lien or levy from a lender, a creditor, or the government.

If the title company doesn’t find any outstanding claims or title defects, why buy title insurance? Because an undiscovered issue could cloud the ownership of the property years after the purchase. That could be a mistake in the ownership history, an oversight by the title researcher, a previously unknown heir, a pending lawsuit or legal judgment, or a matter of fraud.

Closing & Escrow Services

Whipple Title offers escrow and closing services designed to simplify real estate transactions. We offer mobile closing services no matter where you are. Our goal is to build relationships with you, developing processes and procedures that best fit your needs. We also take every precaution to secure funds for all escrow obligations.

Title & Lien Searches

A property title search examines public records on the property to confirm the property’s legal owner/ The title search should also reveal if there are any encumbrances on the property that could affect your purchase. When you’re buying a home, you’re likely to assume that the seller is entitled to sell the home in question. But it’s possible that someone else could have a claim or lien on the property. Our team works diligently to identify and resolve any title issues or complications.

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