You know your doctor.  You know your car insurance agent. You know your mechanic.  But do you know your real estate title agent? Do you know that your title agent has your back when it comes to protecting your interest in your home? 

A title agent is more than just providing a title search or closing on your new home. They are a very important part of the real estate transaction that goes mostly unnoticed.  Their job is a combination of complex research, professional coordination, and total trust. It’s important to have a reputable title agency like Whipple Title to get this complex job done right!

A licensed title agent plays a significant role for both buyers and sellers, particularly in the final stages of a home or property sale. Even as they’re working behind the scenes, title agents help move the entire process forward toward the closing date.

Working with a title agent that you know and trust can provide numerous benefits. In addition to simply having a better all-around experience, you can ensure peace of mind through one of the largest purchases of your life; a smoother closing process free from delays or inconvenience; possession of a clean title, without any surprises or roadblocks; and comprehensive insurance to cover discrepancies after a sale.

Title agents can also help prevent fraud, discover defective land titles, and inform the buyer of any surprises during the sale. As a result, working with a reputable title agent could make or break an exchange that looks fine on the surface, but poses big problems down the line.

A title insurance agent has the responsibility to search the county records to determine who is the legal owner of the property. In the process, your home title agent will find out if there are liens, mortgages or unpaid taxes that must be settled before the property can legally be sold. The licensed title agent will also uncover any legal restrictions, easements or leases that could affect the property. Once your title agent makes certain that the property title is legitimate, it issues title insurance to protect both the lender and the owner from any potential claims against the property.  The cost of insurance is typically built into the closing costs for a property, and most lenders will require title insurance before a deal is finalized. Here, title agencies act as insurance agents to protect all the stakeholders whenever an issue arises.   

Title agents will often act as the closing agent or escrow officer for a real estate purchase. This means the agency assists both buyers and sellers in the transaction, managing and transferring funds for their customers. The title agent will retrieve signatures on all of the closing documents, collect and hold transaction payments, and finally distribute payments to the appropriate person.  After all the documents have been signed, the title agent will also accurately record the transaction with county records for the next title agency to review.

A title agent is a partner for every stakeholder that helps the transfer of ownership happen in a seamless way. Having an expert at the helm makes this process painless, so buyers and sellers can get to the part that really matters — peace of mind while enjoying their day to day in their own home.

Our title agents at Whipple Title are knowledgeable and ready to help you with all your real estate title needs. Call us today at 330-477-3589 to speak with one of our licensed agents!